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My journey of advocacy for endangered animals began the first time I heard a wolf howl. It was at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York where we had stopped while on my family’s annual trip to Maine. I was five, and a city kid who rarely had a chance to see any truly wild animals such as wolves.

My love for wolves first appeared when I saw Atka, the WCC's Ambassador wolf, for the first time. I was taken back by his strong stance and presence. I was so happy to spend time with the wolves, and you can imagine the sadness I felt when I found out that they were endangered. I was confused; why would anyone want to get rid of such amazing animals? I told my mother that I wanted to do something about the issue, and she had a great idea; to start a nonprofit, that I could use to spread the word about wolves and the trouble that they are in to other kids and adults as well.

And so, just a few days later, Kids For Wolves was born. I set out making a website and a Facebook page, and soon enough, I got into the near-daily rhythm of sharing news, posts about how to save wolves, and of course a few sweet pictures along the way as well.

I'm now seventeen, and still going strong. Check out the "projects" page to learn more about what I've done so far- and trust me- there's more coming!

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