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In March of 2017, I started a project in which I printed a ton of postcards that I designed myself, saying "Save the Endangered Species Act!" I mailed cards to many people, from all over the country who wanted to help save wolves. When they received the letter in the mail, they would fill in the address to their state representatives and legislators, and mail them once again. The legislators who received the letters would clearly get the message; that kids and adults in their area were fighting for the protection of wolves and their fellow endangered animals. At least one person from nearly every state participated!


A week after I began the Postcard Project, I got an email from one of Senator Casey's aides. He invited me to visit the political office in Philadelphia, where I would either talk to Senator Casey himself, or one of his assistants if he was not in town. Unfortunately, when I visited the Senator himself was in Washington, but that was alright- I got to meet one of his aides, Larry K Hailsham Jr. We had a great discussion about Kids for Wolves, the Endangered Species Act, and what was going on in the world of wolves. Senator Casey was one of the few who voted in favor of keeping the ESA the way it was- a crucial piece of the movement to protect endangered animals.


In honor of #LoboWeek 2018,  I began working on an ABC book of wolves, containing pictures of wolves and a fact about them for every letter of the alphabet. I started a GoFundMe to support the pubilishing costs (thank you so much to those who supported!) and just in time for 2020, the book was complete. For purchasing options and more details, check the BOOKS page on this website. The proceeds go to the Wolf Conservation Center and to supporting future Kids for Wolves projects, including another book at some point.


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